[Definition]: valuable things, such as house, land

[Example Sentences]:
1. The current tenants of the property are seeking compensation in excess of $75,000.
2. The property was sold in 2010.
3. No company should list all of its business personal property at $1 or even $1,000.
4. Meanwhile, the property crime rate is up 8 percent since 2007.
5. Some residents may be able to access their property as soon as this week.
6. She said some offices had been set on fire and public property destroyed.
7. He would let me have the run of the property eventually when he trusted me.
8. That was not enough for one Chinese property manager with a sense of humor.
9. Now we see more room as well as the need to adjust property policy.
10. They ran with electronics and other property and three of the four were captured.
11. No device was found on the property after a search.
12. The company said no injuries or property damage have been reported involving the new drones.
13. The case involved damage done by a young man to the property of an older woman.
14. All of our research indicates that there was no previous house on this property at all.
15. They crossed private property to get to the spot where they watched the lava.

[Antonyms]essence, instrumentality

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