[Example Sentences]:
1. The fund was an election promise made during the election of the NSW government in 2011.
2. I can promise that my company will do what it takes.
3. Most app management tools that promise security often do so at the expense of the end user.
4. I promise that it does get more exciting from here on in.
5. So far, I see the promise but have some issues with the practicality.
6. So CIOs should be clear that they cannot promise to not look at personal information.
7. The promise of OpenStack is that it should be like your phone it upgrades automatically.
8. The developers did not promise the impossible by saying it would never make a mistake again.
9. He never kept his promise to let her go to school.
10. There is so much promise, and you are so close to success.
11. The promise of big data is that it will provide new insights to help solve real problems.
12. Amazon is a company that will promise you the moon, but does not deliver.
13. One of the biggest selling points of the Windows Store is its promise of safety.
14. The promise of wireless charging is that it could solve both of those problems.
15. It also has this promise of capturing what tomorrow is going to be like.

[Antonyms]agreement, compact, contract, covenant, pact, threat

[Synonyms]engage, engagement, vow © 2020  Terms of Use | Home