[Definition]: advancement gained, later development

[Example Sentences]:
1. The progress that the regime achieved today was the most significant one since 2013.
2. There is an expectation that eBay really makes some progress in 2014.
3. It was indeed an active year, and a setup for more hopefully progress in 2017.
4. Now last session, we came close to passing Medicaid reform, but progress stalled on the 1-yard-line.
5. The progress looks minimal at best when compared to the 70/30 split at the end of June 2014.
6. Citing the progress, researchers are projecting a 90 percent national graduation rate by 2020.
7. He said it is also an area where Intel has made a lot of progress recently.
8. You can see how much progress there is still to come.
9. Intel is making some progress in mobile but it is coming at a heavy cost.
10. The researchers note that there has been some progress for women over the past decade.
11. SAP will likely give a progress report on how many customers so far have made that leap.
12. I have been very pleased with the rate of progress so far.
13. If the project makes encouraging progress the company will likely move forward.
14. You reported progress so your colleague did not have to do your job of communicating.
15. We expect this update to be ready soon and will share our progress here.

[Antonyms]delay, check, retrogression

[Synonyms]advance, advancement, attainment © 2020  Terms of Use | Home