[Example Sentences]:
1. Philadelphia saw similar value in training programs as its convention center expanded in 2011.
2. The combination of programs helped end the Great Recession by June 2009.
3. The more information people learn about these programs the less they actually like them.
4. These are the programs you want to install on a new PC first.
5. The upcoming OS will let users run the same programs on mobile and desktop devices.
6. Google researchers have already found malicious programs on the Web that exploit this vulnerability.
7. Think of how many thousands of software programs are on floppies.
8. You can also simultaneously record as many programs as you want.
9. The group also adopted model police programs and proposals from around the country.
10. Apple also plans to put money into programs that will train the next generation of app developers.
11. The programs are the first of other shows that Apple intends to roll out through the year.
12. In the future, we might have conversations with software programs that get to know us.
13. For users, the biggest change will be that you can now interact with two programs at once.
14. The witnesses said that some programs may be given lower priority to find additional funds.
15. The US is also going in the opposite direction on similar programs like unemployment insurance. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home