[Example Sentences]:
1. Netflix plans to increase its hours of original programming to 1,000 in 2017, from 600 in 2016.
2. Network programming that traditionally takes weeks or months can now be done in minutes.
3. So we replaced it with other programming that got us just as many viewers for less money.
4. We have the best programming, and we need to be fairly compensated.
5. It also offers master data management and application programming interface API management packages.
6. Not all of them will be good at programming securely.
7. More than half said they needed to learn new programming languages.
8. The report also said that a programming flaw could have allowed hackers into the stored emails.
9. A component of the service will be live programming, such as awards shows and sports.
10. It has a highly successful API application programming interface products and services division.
11. Computer programming is something that I can see myself doing after prison, he said.
12. All of the television components live inside that bar and beam programming to the screen.
13. The app also has a programming guide and lets you schedule recordings with just a couple of taps. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home