[Definition]: computer codes to finish a job, a plan for certain purpose

[Example Sentences]:
1. We will announce any changes to our current program in the first part of calendar 2014.
2. That part of the program was well received, according to a report on the project from 2003.
3. As a result, Google has decided to extend the global program through the end of 2016.
4. Applications for the program launch today and run until December 23.
5. The program was released in 1985 with the first version of Windows 1.0.
6. Google expects public availability of Glass beyond the Explorer program to happen in late 2014.
7. The company launched a massive clean energy program in October 2015.
8. He was a refugee from that program in 1969.
9. When the program started I can recruit like 15.
10. The current proposal would expand the program until 2030.
11. Google began expanding its Explorer program in February 2013.
12. An outreach program to a university or an internship program can help with this.5.
13. Tech Support sells a perpetual license for the program for $300.
14. The resilience program is based on a field known as positive psychology, which emerged in the 1990s.
15. Another security firm, Kaspersky Labs, reported Monday that it began tracking the program in 2012. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home