[Example Sentences]:
1. Facebook lets others find your profile by searching for your email address and phone number.
2. LinkedIn is making it easier for you to see how your profile appear to others.
3. Facebook is also looking into ways users can more easily add designs to their profile pictures.
4. So when you use your profile picture you get a couple of different ones.
5. Your profile needs at least one picture to get you in the game.
6. The company removed the profile from public view and informed law enforcement.
7. The tool gives users more say over who can download and share their profile pictures.
8. To use the app, users first create a profile with information about themselves and upload pictures.
9. Now you can wear your digital profile on your sleeve.
10. Users get notified in real time whenever their profile has been viewed by a user nearby.
11. Just over half the teens have deleted comments from others on their profile or account.
12. To switch between the accounts you have added, go to your profile page.
13. It could even be done in near real time, providing a personality profile in milliseconds.
14. The limited nature of the malware is also probably keeping its profile low.
15. She said she has intentionally kept a low profile since taking over as CEO nearly a year ago.

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