[Definition]: a high lecture or research position in university or college, usually tenured

[Example Sentences]:
1. He became an assistant professor at Harvard that year and held that position until 1946.
2. Before he was a professor, at age 24.
3. I called the professor, and he told me I got the scholarship.
4. This is just one more thing, the law professor said.
5. I wanted to be a professor, since I really love teaching and public speaking.
6. What was done there was not illegal, the professor said.
7. To punish a professor for engaging in that kind of speech would be highly inappropriate.
8. One University of Oklahoma assistant professor who spoke out about the video has endured harassment.
9. A Muslim university professor reported to police receiving threatening emails.
10. Having said that, the law professor predicts the defendants will be acquitted in the Nevada case.
11. It was created by a Carnegie Mellon professor and his student.
12. At Indiana University, one professor is trying to combine activism and pampering.
13. Through a professor mentor, he landed a job as a toy designer and went on to greater success.
14. Interim Dean Andrew Douglas has informed professor Green that the mirror site may be restored.

[Antonyms]disciple, learner

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