[Definition]: people with a specified skill as his career; capable, skillful in a job

[Example Sentences]:
1. Lee eventually turned professional at the age of 16.
2. The men surveyed said their professional networks were mostly made up of other men.
3. I think these will completely change the way we operate on a professional level.
4. Apple really wants to hold on to its professional users.
5. These hardware packages are used in the professional content creation and video industries.
6. This screen is up to the task of true professional media work.
7. This means that professional astronomers may have to wait months or years in between observations.
8. This information is not intended to be viewed or used as professional investment advice.
9. This helped the company figure out how to deliver a platform for professional developers.
10. Who better to ask about the new Mac Pro than professional Mac users?
11. He has no professional experience in either government or housing policy.
12. They say you are a professional driver, but you are not getting professional pay.
13. These devices attach directly to your water main and may require a professional to install.
14. We have member groups where people can talk about specific professional topics they care about.
15. Find out what you may be charged by reading what your financial professional provides you.

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