[Definition]: producing, the products

[Example Sentences]:
1. A similar iPhone production cut was made by Apple in 2013.
2. The production of paper will be possible in 2069.
3. Nissan plans to have its first fully autonomous vehicle in production by 2020.
4. Nissan hopes to have a fully autonomous car in production by 2020.
5. It said production should begin in 2020.
6. Late in the year, OPEC and other oil producers agreed to cut their production in 2017.
7. Nissan, for one, hopes to have a fully autonomous car in production by 2020.
8. Although the field was discovered more than 35 years ago, production did not start until 2005.
9. The Altera chip is expected to be available in late 2014 and to go into production in 2015.
10. In fact, IoT expansion in agriculture is expected to increase food production 44 percent by 2021.
11. Full production is anticipated in 2015.
12. Nissan, meanwhile, has said it expects to have 10 fully autonomous vehicles in production by 2020.
13. Natural gas production is up about 30% since 2005.
14. Alaskan production slumped to 521,000 barrels a day from more than 2 million barrels a day in 1988.
15. Domestic gas production fell 1.1 percent to 19.3 billion cubic meters in 2012.

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