[Definition]: all actions in a task, from start to end

[Example Sentences]:
1. Recent developments suggest that the process will extend well into 2016.
2. That process began some time before October 5,2011.
3. The tender process for the new machine is currently open and will close on Monday December 19 2016.
4. The appeals process, known as redress, was started in 2007.
5. You can see the process of making it all work in the video below.
6. The process is similar and just as easy on your phone or tablet.
7. The new process means some changes might take longer to go through.
8. At some point the process needs to come to a conclusion.
9. At some point in this process they were to be registered.
10. We are going to keep growing and we are going to continue the process of economic liberation.
11. The second thing to consider is the process you use for release of capital funds.
12. This has been a very difficult sales process and the results reflect that.
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