[Example Sentences]:
1. The potential cost reduction over the long term is probably in excess of a factor of 100.
2. He said any violations would probably be punishable by fines of up to $750.
3. This probably explains why you can pick up a good AX GT for less than £1,000.
4. Performance in our Mac tests was erratic, probably due to the small size of the drive 128GB.
5. Technically, it could probably afford to wait until September of 2015.
6. The people who use Twitter are probably not the people doing the voting.
7. In fact you probably already have them even if you think you don’t.
8. This is probably the only out for investors and the most likely outcome.
9. It probably would have been better to just give up than do business as usual.
10. They probably expected that this was going to be a little rocky.
11. So we left a little earlier than we probably had to.
12. He was probably going to put one on later but ran out of time.
13. A spokeswoman said Tuesday that the company is probably two years away from production.
14. We should probably stress here that we are not making any of this up.
15. The good news is that the problem is probably not as bad as it looks.

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