[Definition]: belong to a particular person or group, not public

[Example Sentences]:
1. This brought on the second phase, which is what I call private cloud 2.0.
2. This startup was launched in private beta in February this year, and went live in September 2013.
3. However, the line is due to return to private hands in early 2015.
4. On the private front, numerous gigabit internet services were announced or launched in early 2016.
5. Denali serves as the holding company that operates Dell, which went private in 2013.
6. Dell was taken private in 2013.
7. Dell, a big PC maker, took itself private in 2013.
8. Room and board at private schools average about $10,820.
9. There were 98 sexual assaults reported on public and private campuses in Michigan in 2001.
10. The number of pilots with private certificates peaked at 357,000 in 1980.
11. Public cloud will now overtake private cloud in usage between 2017 and 2018.
12. He returned to the private sector in the early 1990s until winning his congressional seat in 2002.
13. Apple is a private business and can run its app store any way it wants.
14. The government had also made it illegal to offer any kind of private Internet service.
15. This integration also allows enterprise customers to run mobile apps from their own private clouds.


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