[Example Sentences]:
1. Getting rid of the healthcare law has been a top GOP priority since Obama signed it in 2010.
2. Cutting costs was the leading priority for the five years between 2009 and 2013.
3. Which operating system they are using is no longer a top priority for tech chiefs.
4. The company said on Tuesday the review was a key priority and already underway.
5. Services for members of the military are given priority over family members.
6. Our priority here is to reach the children and the women.
7. The witnesses said that some programs may be given lower priority to find additional funds.
8. He added that their lives were his top priority and that Japan would not give in to terrorism.
9. Obama did not see attacking the deficit as a priority during his first term.
10. Visa said its first priority is the security of all transactions.
11. He described the situation there as a priority for his administration.
12. Obama has made a priority of ending discrimination in the military.
13. As such, a change of direction with Surface is a top priority for investors.
14. You can also choose priority mode and get notifications only from apps you mark as priority.
15. The priority right now is to use Philae to acquire as much information as possible about the comet.


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