[Example Sentences]:
1. Using the robotic printer will also be similar to what you do now.
2. The only thing I was confused about was which printer I was getting.
3. The final version of the printer will be cut down in size by roughly a third.
4. The router will be capable of sharing both USB storage and a USB printer over the network.
5. HP officials later folded the PC and printer groups into the same business unit.
6. There is one printer per every ten employees, but who manages them?
7. In addition, the printer can charge up to two mobile devices at a time while attached to the dock.
8. Think of a printer as an endpoint and what you need to do to secure it.
9. If everything looks good, go ahead and click the printer icon to proceed with printing.
10. Maybe all you need is a tiny little printer sitting in your drawer or bag.
11. MakerBot is also releasing its mobile app to easily control your printer on the go.
12. This printer is meant to sit in an office and churn out pages all day.
13. He then installed a new printer tray in anticipation of the next experiment with the printer.
14. It will be slightly more expensive upfront, but the cost to run a laser printer is much lower.
15. You know how inkjet printer manufacturers are always going on about you buying their brand of ink? © 2020  Terms of Use | Home