[Example Sentences]:
1. That compares to systems that print with just three materials at one time and can cost $250,000.
2. One million copies of the book had been distributed before it fell out of print in the 1950s.
3. It took five hours to print the model in a lab.
4. This is the technique that will be used to print the bridge out of steel.
5. We created a folder that will print any document you place in it.
6. With the code in hand, a user can send it via email or print it out.
7. He declined to say whether the print version would be covering up.
8. Not that Flickr is the first site to offer to print your snapshots.
9. The team is already making changes to increase resolution and decrease print time.
10. This allows users to print wirelessly from iOS and Android devices.
11. There is some fine print associated with a plan like this.
12. The fine print also says PayPal can pass along the same rights to its affiliates.
13. It makes sense to print down the block and not in another country where products need to be shipped.
14. In fact, you upload your design files to the web interface and print from there.
15. Users can customize the screen to display commonly used apps and print functions. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home