[Example Sentences]:
1. Only one prime minister has left office in a democratic transition, in 2013.
2. His son has been prime minister since 2004.
3. She was elected prime minister again in 2008.
4. Putin has dominated Russian political life, as president or prime minister, since 2000.
5. Apple is a company that is prime for more growth.
6. He is expected to name a new prime minister within days.
7. You are not dealing with the problems of the country, he told the prime minister.
8. It is easier for Bennett because he is not the prime minister.
9. In the first place, why did their prime minister need this personal donation?
10. He said the prime minister started with some credit because of his election victory.
11. He is the son of a mother who did a lot for the nation as prime minister.
12. Australia has had five prime ministers in the past six years.
13. The country has a prime minister who will have an even stronger popular mandate and support.
14. Other opposition politicians say they believe that the prime minister is running out of time.
15. The prime minister refused to say in detail how much money the initiative would save.

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