[Example Sentences]:
1. Home sales growth over the past year has occurred primarily among homes worth more than $750,000.
2. The room was primarily Apple developers who had paid to attend the three day conference.
3. Most drones are made primarily of plastic and are too small for radar detection.
4. These options came primarily from research papers the doctors had not yet read.
5. The internet we know now was primarily built by men.
6. The companies that we serve at present are primarily tech companies.
7. There are two questions on which NASA scientists primarily want the drone research to focus.
8. In humans, some people believe that intelligence is primarily a result of schooling.
9. The differences are primarily in what they offer beyond receiving codes by text.
10. So the researchers believe physical activity levels are primarily responsible for those searches.
11. Pages and Numbers are good primarily for Apple users who create documents only for themselves.
12. Still, Apple is still primarily a hardware company and its products did not fare well.
13. It primarily targets online cameras, but it can be used to exploit pretty much anything.
14. However, this review is primarily about the PC version of the browser.
15. In China, telecom infrastructure is primarily dominated by the big three telcos. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home