[Example Sentences]:
1. It will launch as a trial with pricing to be announced later in 2017.
2. The pricing was around $12.95 as compared to the standard package for $19.95.
3. However, when pricing is inconsistent the rating drops to 709.
4. On its pricing page, MacKeeper estimates the value of an AV scanner at $79.
5. The shares rose as high as $119 per share in November after pricing at $68.
6. What no one can object to is the pricing, as the 62z starts at just $549.
7. Early bird pricing is $249, and the retail price will be $349.
8. No international pricing has been announced, but that converts to AU$915 and £565.
9. During the preview, pricing starts at $1,500/month.
10. The L450 pricing starts at $699.
11. The HP t310 is scheduled to be available in July 2017; pricing starts at $309.
12. Australian pricing for the Watch Series 1 starts at $399, and the cheapest Series 2 is $529.
13. Google has not released any pricing information for the new service.
14. All these plans with the best pricing require you to set up autopay.
15. The company now says that pricing is an annual per device charge. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home