[Example Sentences]:
1. A preview release of the feature is slated for the spring of 2018.
2. Cortana also gains new abilities in the latest preview build of Windows 10.
3. A public preview is scheduled for June 2015.
4. VMware first announced a preview of its vSphere Integrated Containers effort in 2015.
5. The preview expires on April 15,2015.
6. During the preview, pricing starts at $1,500/month.
7. The Insider Hub will be reinstalled again in preview builds that come after July 29.
8. Telerik delivered a preview of the NativeScript framework to early adopters in June 2014.
9. Microsoft also released a preview version for Android phones and tablets.
10. Microsoft plans to make a preview version available next month for anyone to download.
11. As is often the case with preview software, users may run into issues.
12. Photoshop shows you a preview of what the fix will look like as you drag.
13. A third preview will follow the second in another four to six weeks, officials said.
14. Also new is the preview release of mobile work item forms.
15. A developer preview is available today, with the full app presumably to be released later this year. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home