[Definition]: beautiful, charming

[Example Sentences]:
1. The market was pretty stable for the last few month unlike first six months of 2014.
2. Because AMD had a pretty good last three months of 2016.
3. I came pretty close to throwing up the last 50.
4. It hopes that with more fun tools to pretty up the videos more will start getting shared in 2014.
5. It was a pretty big break, said May, 43.
6. That picture carries a pretty price tag, too, of $15,000.
7. Oh, and the Classic sounds pretty decent and still sells for $249, the 64GB Touch runs $399.
8. You can pretty much use it like any Android smartphone and never be the wiser.
9. He was pretty close on a few and way off on others.
10. So the offer is pretty much built into the share price.
11. It was hard after the game and I was pretty down.
12. It became pretty clear he was a little light on some of the details.
13. The fact that we get to go on and build our lives together is pretty awesome.
14. It would be a pretty close race to see who is going to be the runner-up.
15. They clearly have the ability to pretty much know what people are doing.

[Antonyms]unsightly, ugly

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