[Definition]: a continuous force on something

[Example Sentences]:
1. Google has been under pressure to look to the future and to the next big moneymaker.
2. This will put new pressure on the Chinese government in how they will deal with this problem.
3. The pressure to move so many men so quickly was unprecedented.
4. It will be up to Carter to continue to pressure the services to make progress.
5. Apple is not the first foreign company to come under pressure from Chinese media.
6. The pressure to make sure everything has been done properly has been intense.
7. We will continue to apply pressure and work through any every channel we have access to.
8. Some of them warned that further pressure on the industry would lead to violence.
9. This has put a lot of pressure on hardware vendors.
10. He told them that the pressure would not let up.
11. The news comes as the company faces pressure on several fronts.
12. For now, each side is using what cards it has to pressure the other.
13. We can expect food prices to be under pressure to move higher.
14. Ford said he was not feeling the pressure after so much anticipation.
15. It is putting the president under increasing pressure from places he may not have expected.

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