[Definition]: related to president

[Example Sentences]:
1. Obama has promised to close the facility since he was a presidential candidate in 2008.
2. The second round of voting in the presidential election will be held on June 14.
3. The vice presidential candidates will also face off on October 4.
4. The parliament voted to remove him from office and set a new presidential election for May 25.
5. The next presidential election is due in April 2019.
6. Trump was the first Republican presidential candidate to win Michigan since 1988.
7. One is running out, plans to put a lot more mileage on the costly presidential aircraft in 2016.
8. The case stems from violence outside the presidential palace in December 2012.
9. Uganda amended the constitution to do away with presidential term limits in 2005.
10. The tradition of a presidential farewell address dates back to George Washington in 1796.
11. Top Republican presidential candidates are courting his support for 2016.
12. New presidential and parliamentary elections are due on 3 November 2019.
13. Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton took a strong stance on ISIS, November 19,2015. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home