[Definition]: appearance or existing in a place

[Example Sentences]:
1. Who would have said that Apple or Google would have a smartphone presence in 1998?
2. Google and Facebook also pledged to increase their UK presence in 2017.
3. The company has virtually no presence in the growing smartphone and tablet markets.
4. There was also a large police presence that quickly surrounded the crowd.
5. The person is in the physical presence of their potential victim.
6. The company is trying to increase its presence in the lucrative enterprise market.
7. The signs of an Israeli government presence are few and far between.
8. The content is expected to make a presence at global consumer events throughout the year.
9. The clashes provide the latest indication of a small but growing ISIS presence in the country.
10. He does not have a social media presence and is not a registered voter in the state.
11. Zuckerberg is working to build a presence in the country.
12. There will be a huge security presence at the venue.
13. The IDF now probably has the biggest social media presence of any military worldwide.
14. At the same time, Russia has steadily increased its military presence in the country.
15. Video from the scene shows a police presence blocking a local street as the investigation continues.


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