[Example Sentences]:
1. The service also offers premium subscriptions without ads for a monthly fee of $9.99.
2. When purchased with a premium keyboard the price of the machine is $4,099.
3. Alfred is a free app, but workflows is part of a suite of premium features that costs about $23.
4. The deal, when announced, was valued at $89.40 a share for a premium of 25%.
5. The premium of about $196 is the biggest since December 2008.
6. The deal, when announced, was valued at $89.40, for a premium of 25%.
7. We see things like premium and we see things like subscription.
8. It includes premium tech support via phone and email as well.
9. Another way to get a premium interest rate is with a big down payment.
10. The premium plan also allows users to save music to their mobile devices.
11. People who can afford the premium smartphones around the world tend to already have them.
12. Its other businesses and initiatives are about creating a premium experience for those devices.
13. If selling to the premium market is not disruptive then Apple never was.
14. Analysts also see promise in a major push into premium video advertising.
15. Other tech giants have also made significant investments in premium video content.

[Antonyms]penalty, fine, mulct

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