[Example Sentences]:
1. I prefer to use my own products, and I can schedule things a little better.
2. It also did well in our tests, and you might also prefer its design.
3. Those who prefer a more social activity can walk the local mall with a friend.
4. I prefer to keep it clean as some high school classes read my posts.
5. I prefer the adapter as it will not wear out like the cable.
6. Some IT departments also prefer to choose from big industry brands.
7. I would prefer to put something out that works.
8. If you prefer your speakers to be heard but not seen, this could be a good option.
9. PayPal will also be sending out new PayPal cards to users who still prefer to swipe.
10. Would I prefer being stuck on an iOS device all the time?
11. Jobs wrote that his company would strongly prefer that you not hire these guys.
12. If object storage is available in the backup tool, they prefer to use that over tape.
13. The political unrest weighs on the economy, and when the economy is weak you prefer bonds.
14. A lot of the wealthy prefer to stay under the radar.
15. We see that passengers prefer to get packages with various options.

[Antonyms]reject, discard, decline

[Synonyms]choose, elect, select © 2020  Terms of Use | Home