[Definition]: full of power, strong

[Example Sentences]:
1. OnePlus 3 is also a powerful smartphone, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.
2. Now, the LHC is set to return in 2015 nearly twice as powerful as its first run from 2010 to 2013.
3. It was the making of a new order by means of a powerful technology.
4. This is a powerful idea with a great deal of potential.
5. People want to have powerful features while being in control over their data and communication.
6. To be here again is to remember how powerful that idea was.
7. You should want to be powerful in all aspects of your life.
8. Reports said that bomb was five times more powerful than the one that detonated.
9. The latter model is expected to be the most powerful processor on the market.
10. He said he found it a powerful tool as a teacher.
11. This government has become so much more powerful then previous governments.
12. It is what has made this so powerful and so damaging to us.
13. For the first time ever, the car is faster and more powerful than the truck.
14. Pakistan to step into a major conflict with its more powerful neighbor.
15. Google will analyze the data using its sophisticated algorithms and powerful computer network.

[Antonyms]weak, feeble

[Synonyms]brawny, cogent, potent, valiant
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