[Example Sentences]:
1. The screen is powered by Intel HD Graphics 5500.
2. Google Home, powered by Google Assistant, retails for $129.
3. Jelly Bean, for instance, powered 36% of all Android devices, almost as much as KitKat with 39.1%.
4. The device being powered never knows that there has been a power outage.
5. So when will we see the first version of Chrome fully powered by Blink?
6. Google on Thursday announced a series of enterprise tools powered by machine learning.
7. If some scientists have their way, the future could be powered by pee.
8. These computers should be powered down when not in use.
9. Yahoo Search is powered by Microsoft Bing five years into the original pact.
10. A distribution point unit powered by the house or business connects the fibre and the copper.
11. The next wave of IT innovation will be powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.
12. When fully charged, the Apple claims the watch will be powered all day.
13. The whole system would be powered by solar panels installed onto the tubes.
14. The device is technically complex, powered by a new chip designed by Apple and touch sensors.
15. The case is powered by your phone and plugs into the lightning jack.
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