[Example Sentences]:
1. The company has been making large investments in wind power for its data centers since 2010.
2. Intel has said that its chips will power Android tablets starting at under $100.
3. With the term extended to six years from four, he may stay in power until 2024.
4. She was formally removed from office over allegations of corruption and abuse of power on March 10.
5. The plan calls on the state to cut its power plant carbon dioxide emissions in half by 2030.
6. The device has 75 percent more processing power than the previous version and costs $99.99.
7. In France, drones were found close to nuclear power stations in 2014.
8. Did you notice Apple moved the power button in iPhone 6?
9. Labor and the Greens will keep the balance of power in the Senate until July 1.
10. Congo has not had a peaceful transfer of power since independence from Belgium in 1960.
11. Mr Musharraf seized power from Mr Sharif in a coup in 1999.
12. Google began its renewable power trek, with an original agreement in 2010.
13. He seized power in 1961, although he was not elected president until 1963.
14. Castro, a central Cold War figure, led the Cuban revolution that seized power in 1959.
15. Musharraf took power in a 1999 coup but was forced to step down in 2008.

[Antonyms]feebleness, weakness, helplessness

[Synonyms]ability, competency, capacity
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