[Example Sentences]:
1. They could also potentially experience what it was like to be a slave in the South in the 1800s.
2. Burger King attempted a potentially sweeping automation overhaul in the 1980s.
3. You want to be made aware of the people that are potentially involved in this.
4. The idea for that is to allow police to control a potentially dangerous situation.
5. This change could potentially throw us into a bit of a tizzy.
6. The company is the right size to be potentially acquired by one of the majors.
7. At this point it potentially can become a social network for artificial intelligence objects.
8. The attacker could then potentially connect to other business systems to access additional data.
9. So, this new law would potentially apply to just over half of the working population.
10. The move could potentially make the service more intuitive to new users.
11. They really deliver to the core of what our customers potentially see as pain points.
12. Not only was Apple making their jobs easier, it was potentially making them more lucrative.
13. It could potentially be a revenue stream for the teams.
14. There is a whole range of sectors that can potentially benefit.
15. That would potentially result in millions of people receiving the test.
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