[Example Sentences]:
1. The firm has yet to post a profit since its initial public offering in 2013.
2. Twitter announced Thursday Costolo would leave his post on July 1.
3. The red post boxes were painted green after the city was handed over to China in 1997.
4. He will be electronically monitored and has to surrender his passport and post bail of $690.
5. Yet it did not reach the post office as it did when Hurricane Kate swept through the region in 1985.
6. Robbins will take over the post on July 26.
7. For 2014, Facebook is expected by Wall Street analysts to post annual sales growth of 44%.
8. He had been with the German auto maker for 25 years, assuming his most recent post in 2014.
9. Her post was created as part of the new rules that went into effect.
10. We will clear the way as soon as we get this Instagram post up.
11. You will want to post at least one new video per week to keep your audience engaged.
12. When I saw that post, it was one of the not so great ones.
13. I will update this post with an official response if and when I hear back.
14. We should be getting one to review next week and will post our experiences soon.
15. This post was updated with information from a news conference with law enforcement officials.

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