[Example Sentences]:
1. The big issue of the day was the possibility that the Internet might break down.
2. Police also said there was a possibility that the incident would be considered a kidnapping.
3. They feared that it would spread and be seen as a possibility for Chinese activists.
4. The statement left open the possibility that a judicial investigation had been taking place.
5. It only increases the possibility of water getting inside the circuits.
6. So the possibility of death was something we were dealing with.
7. It really feels like VR has the possibility to be something really huge.
8. Microsoft does not mention the possibility that email account names will be recycled.
9. I think there was something about the possibility that they could stay, he said.
10. One possibility is that it could have fallen off a cargo vessel.
11. Scientists have studied the possibility that there was a planet in this system for years.
12. One possibility is that the two galaxies pass through each other and continue on their way.
13. One of the things to watch for is the possibility of widespread damaging winds.
14. Even some Brotherhood members recognize the possibility for that has passed.
15. So they have no possibility to participate in that fundamental liberty.


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