[Definition]: affirmative attitude; a number larger than zero

[Example Sentences]:
1. The resilience program is based on a field known as positive psychology, which emerged in the 1990s.
2. There, it scored a 41 percent positive rating, while Samsung managed only 25.
3. She said she was positive there was a second officer even though there was not.
4. All the other data has been positive but the key driver should be inflation.
5. We put that idea online last week and received a huge positive response.
6. Peter has had a significant positive impact on the companies for which he has worked.
7. The company said it was seeing some positive traction in its new enterprise application sales.
8. You could start to feel the positive energy as you walked down the beach.
9. I was going to focus on the positive and keep moving forward with this.
10. That in and of itself should be a positive sign.
11. Samsung could do with some positive news as of late.
12. What we have got here is a very positive situation.
13. There is nothing positive we can take from these two rounds.
14. Sometimes what you need in life is a little positive reinforcement.
15. A home run for me would be a positive patient experience.

[Antonyms]negative, denying, indirect

[Synonyms]real, actual, absolute
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