[Example Sentences]:
1. Google needs those sites to grow if it wants to see that portion of its revenue increase.
2. That portion of the program is set to begin this fall.
3. In a large portion of the young people, what you will see is apathy.
4. He also added that a small portion of funds are collected through membership fees.
5. Those benefits are a portion of what the husband would receive based on his own working years.
6. Some developers are deciding to offer only a portion of homes built instead of entire projects.
7. As a media consumption device, the Windows portion is also fantastic.
8. Several other cable networks carried at least a portion of the event live.
9. As a work machine, the Windows portion can get almost anything accomplished.
10. Dozens of states now require that a portion of their electricity come from renewable sources.
11. He has decided to give up the cash portion of his salary and annual bonus.
12. This allows them to select a specific portion of the drawing to be filled with what the camera sees.
13. It seems to have clearly in its mind that the patent could cover only a portion of the device.
14. This portion of ARM will place the recovered asteroid sample in stable orbit around the moon.
15. The company did not know what portion of meals currently meet those guidelines.

[Antonyms]amount, bulk, dimension, mass, sum

[Synonyms]clause, department, fraction
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