[Example Sentences]:
1. The challenge over the next few years is to see if their portfolio plays out correctly.
2. Microsoft also updated its Finance app with financial news and a way to track portfolio accounts.
3. A strong portfolio of apps could push the gadget over the top.
4. The half in stocks should continue to grow to protect the entire portfolio against inflation.
5. The new offering is intended to be a comprehensive portfolio for data privacy.
6. We are going to need a portfolio of techniques.
7. For the last five years, Apple has licensed a portfolio of Nokia products.
8. Apple has been steadily adding buildings to its portfolio in recent years.
9. It has the same keyboard in a portfolio form that completely protects the tablet when closed.
10. Mozilla also grew its investment portfolio value over the course of its last fiscal year.
11. Why is the iPhone not sold as a portfolio product?
12. We manage a balanced portfolio, and it has not crashed nor is it dead.
13. The software will become part of the IBM zEnterprise portfolio in early 2014.
14. We are also able to help our portfolio companies think about globalization and execute early on.
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