[Example Sentences]:
1. So how do you go about winning this portable pack worth $74.99?
2. Apple had just come out with a portable PC that weighed 14 pounds and cost $5,800.
3. The iPad could do everything I needed in a highly portable form.
4. The problem is that the portable uses a different kind of memory card than previous models.
5. When considering a portable drive, there are a few things to keep in mind.
6. If you wanted computing power that was portable, you could buy a laptop.
7. The answer to these challenges is a concept I call a portable digital identity.
8. This new system is portable and packs up into four large plastic boxes.
9. You can also turn your nearby iPhone into a portable wireless hot spot for your computer.
10. So what did I learn about carrying along a WiFi portable hotspot?
11. At least half a dozen portable scales were found on the desk.
12. The driver may also have been watching a video in the car on a portable DVD player.
13. Instead of a case, you could also opt for a portable backup power supply.
14. Apple could then charge more since it had a monopoly over the portable device music market.
15. Such portable benefits would appeal to many workers in other sectors.
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