[Example Sentences]:
1. Each device or machine is like a small port of data in a big lake.
2. An official with the port operator says it is the coast guard that should have been alerted.
3. On the left side of the device is the physical shutter and a USB port compartment.
4. The spare parts are expected to arrive at the port later Monday local time, officials said.
5. The port is also where many relatives of the missing are waiting for news about their loved ones.
6. Officials also made assurances that the port would not be used by the Chinese military.
7. The separatists also announced their intention to keep pushing west toward a major port city.
8. Cook says to a general question of would Apple port an app from iOS to Android in any case.
9. It also has a USB port for adding other wireless systems.
10. It just stays in the USB port on my car stereo.
11. I have just been down to the port and I have seen fishermen heading out to sea.
12. Some migrant workers at the port may not be documented.
13. This would be used only in very specific scenarios, but it shows how diverse this port can be.
14. Some Thunderbolt products have just one port, meaning that it must sit at the end of the chain.
15. See what works and what doesn t, and port the good stuff over to your own work.
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