[Example Sentences]:
1. The pool industry is also trying to change the behavior of its clientele.
2. If so, employers will soon have to pay more because the pool of potential workers has shrunk.
3. They must narrow down the pool to six jurors and four alternates.
4. Each agency is allowed one camera in the pool at a time.
5. They must narrow the pool to six jurors and four alternates.
6. The latest study adds to a continuing pool of research on this very controversial topic.
7. Another way to boost the labor pool would be to increase immigration.
8. The iPad wound up at a nice house with a pool later that day.
9. The department continues to search for ways to increase the pool of potential firefighters, he said.
10. This makes the pool of apps that can be used much smaller, and many apps are no longer available.
11. The city has at least eight massive new pool clubs.
12. Our armed forces will draw on an even wider pool of talent.
13. You can literally jump in a swimming pool with it and take pictures and videos underwater.
14. Once you name and create that pool, it will appear in the list of printers you can use.
15. We are listening to what our users are requesting, they are an endless pool of ideas.
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