[Example Sentences]:
1. French politicians already took on Amazon in 2014.
2. As recently as 2011, trust in politicians stood at 52%.
3. It did not take long for politicians to weigh in with their own spin.
4. He said politicians need to get to know each other and not be afraid to work together.
5. There are political figures and politicians who will focus on Geneva and the political solution.
6. All other politicians should learn the same thing from him.
7. Other opposition politicians say they believe that the prime minister is running out of time.
8. The time has come for responsible politicians to halt this dangerous trend.
9. All of these politicians are basically playing political football with our lives.
10. Russian President Vladimir Putin called him one of the greatest politicians of our times.
11. Several prominent politicians live in the neighborhood where the attack happened.
12. The politicians will now have the sole power to choose judges.
13. The three politicians met with security officials before driving off.
14. Now and then, politicians demand they be fired or critics send them excrement.
15. In Paris, politicians asked scientists to start studying how it can be done.
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