[Example Sentences]:
1. The oldest person to have one pointed at them was 85 and the oldest person actually fired on was 82.
2. He also pointed to the security of the technology inside the cars.
3. She said one pointed a gun and asked if the store had a safe.
4. They pointed them in a direction and told them to start walking.
5. She pointed at me and told me to wait with her.
6. He pointed out that Twitter and Facebook were once considered engines of narcissism.
7. There is no industry that is not up for disruption, he pointed out.
8. Fidelity, meanwhile, was pointed at ns1622.ztomy.com and ns2622.ztomy.com.
9. He also pointed out that the United States has other options to move equipment out of the country.
10. He pointed to mobile internet, which he said would change every industry.
11. So far, no one has pointed a finger at a particular group or nation.
12. No As has been pointed out to me by a reliable source, there is a way back.
13. He pointed to reports of high murder rates in cities such as Chicago as a reason.
14. Mohammed and camp staff pointed to a building where a family had been staying this month.
15. The department also pointed to its lack of funds to finish the digitization.


[Synonyms]acute, epigrammatic
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