[Example Sentences]:
1. He would be able to get out his plow and make some quick cash.
2. The success also gave these companies plenty of money to plow into the problem.
3. Apple made a strategic decision a few years ago to plow a lot of development resources into the iPhone camera.
4. A plow passed through his neighborhood, but the road still looked slippery.
5. Pandora Media forecast current quarter adjusted profit below analysts estimates as it plans to plow money back into the business.
6. Area leaders pleaded with residents to stay off the roads if possible while crews continued to plow and treat roadways.
7. The corners are customizable, letting you plow through and organize your messages in the most efficient fashion.
8. Then give the results a close listen before you plow into ripping your whole CD collection to digital audio files.
9. Large groups of people could become obsolete, suffering the same fate as plow horses after the invention of the tractor.
10. Venture capitalists are rare, as Vietnamese investors would rather plow their savings into real estate instead of startups.
11. This is our life as farmers, we raise sheep, we plow the land.
12. Instead of sending money back to its shareholders, Amazon seems more than content to plow whatever cash it has back into its business. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home