[Example Sentences]:
1. Warner did not enter a plea and was scheduled to appear in court again July 12.
2. Warner did not enter a plea and is scheduled to appear in court again July 12.
3. His plea, filed in 2002, was rejected by the president in 2011.
4. Given his guilty plea the trial will probably be over by the end of this week.
5. We never thought of taking any type of plea bargain.
6. He says the launch came despite the united plea of the international community against such an act.
7. His attorney entered a plea of not guilty to two counts of murder.
8. As part of his plea deal, prosecutors agreed not to charge him with murder.
9. Now it has a new opportunity to negotiate a plea deal that could eliminate the most serious charges.
10. China made a plea for a return to negotiations.
11. Two years later, she accepted a plea deal with prosecutors in exchange for her testimony.
12. This is the reason for the post, and for my plea of please stop.
13. He declined to enter a plea to the charges.
14. The plea arrangement was reached at the last minute.
15. On Tuesday afternoon, one of the notes read like a desperate plea from people being held hostage.


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