[Example Sentences]:
1. Microsoft has already said that Bing will be a major player in Windows 10.
2. That said, Apple will remain the dominant player through most of the forecast to 2020.
3. Today, Microsoft is a significantly stronger player in cloud services than it was in 2011.
4. It picked up a comparable service from a smaller player for £942,000.
5. As a player you just want to know what is going on.
6. The device can also track a player as they turn in a complete circle.
7. The combined agency also had something from just about every major technology player on its books.
8. Yahoo is also looking to become a strong player in mobile video.
9. Russia wants to be seen as a global player, a major military power.
10. We can see every tag on every player from San Jose when the game is live.
11. Google Should Google want to be an enterprise player a Salesforce deal could work.
12. As a player, you always think you can get a first down.
13. This means Yelp is no longer the biggest player on the review scene.
14. As a small player, service has to be its key differentiator.
15. That opportunity is to engage the player in the story at all times. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home