[Example Sentences]:
1. AMD is one of two companies that can play with x86.
2. We tried to play the same game we played in 2009.
3. Facebook started letting advertisers test video ads that play automatically in late 2013.
4. Facebook began making videos that are shared natively on Facebook play automatically in 2013.
5. So, how will that play out in 2014?
6. Illinois had a similar scenario play out in 2014.
7. All these things are really coming into play for the first time in history.
8. You used to play outside and come in when it got dark.
9. Microsoft really does know how to work and play well with others.
10. A game in which Apple must play by a different set of rules than its competitors.
11. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something.
12. A video component of each play is available in a small screen within the program.
13. It does drive household sales if people want to play with their friends.
14. The future England team by and large play for the top six sides.
15. I think one of the roles I play is taking the company to the next level.

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