[Definition]: a raised area for supporting; a place supports various activities

[Example Sentences]:
1. The company wants finish a version of its platform by 2021.
2. The first stage of the platform is scheduled to go live in March 2017.
3. An early version of the platform was introduced in Florida in January 2015.
4. Its value as a data storage platform was the second benefit cited, coming in at 73%.
5. A small team at Disney developed the blockchain platform internally in 2016.
6. The platform companies are media companies but they are run by engineers.
7. The good news is that our new cloud platform can support all of this and more.
8. We like the Windows platform for phones as an operating system.
9. You end up with a far better platform as a result.
10. The battle of the cloud platform is likely to continue into the coming year.
11. It is after all a locked down platform for which you can buy games.
12. Microsoft can make their platform and their apps more valuable through the power of search.
13. Facebook has long seen itself as the global platform that connects the world.
14. It took several hours for the platform to be integrated into its systems.
15. There were crowds of people on the platform and some on the track. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home