[Definition]: a widely used synthetic material, such as nylon, PVC

[Example Sentences]:
1. When is the last time you used plastic to make a purchase less than $5?
2. His family said he was expected to recover but would need plastic surgery.
3. That sort of plastic would have to be made out of molds.
4. The body of the computer is plastic and a bit over two inches thick.
5. He had put it inside a clear plastic tube to examine it without being bitten.
6. On top of that our agencies are encouraged not to place them in plastic bags.
7. It was still in the original plastic case, and it showed little wear.
8. A digital license could also be updated more easily than could your plastic one.
9. Most drones are made primarily of plastic and are too small for radar detection.
10. It does have a separate number from the plastic credit or debit card though.
11. If you use a glass or plastic cup for this you might be disappointed.
12. This new system is portable and packs up into four large plastic boxes.
13. So we wrapped them in plastic before putting them in the shroud.
14. As a result, each layer of plastic can be put on top of each additional layer of plastic.
15. If you ever built plastic kits as a kid, you know what I mean.

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