[Example Sentences]:
1. Google is also planning one between now and 2020.
2. The rumors indicated that a student was planning a mass shooting on Friday January 27th.
3. Google is also planning to offer Austin residents Fiber by the middle of 2014.
4. Rumors say Apple is planning a new processor for Apple Watch Series 3.
5. Europe is planning to strengthen environmental regulations from 2021.
6. Arkansas is planning a double execution Monday, April 17 the first since one in Texas in 2000.
7. It showed 75% of residents say Christie is planning to run in 2016.
8. The company is also planning to sell the headphones under its own brand.
9. This is something we have been planning for and have been expecting to see for some time.
10. Nintendo recently announced that it is planning to put out some content for other platforms.
11. Miller said it appeared that a significant amount of planning went into the swap.
12. It takes a lot of planning to do it properly.
13. In fact we are also planning something like this too.
14. I was working full time and planning for two kids.
15. She is planning to do additional interviews with other media outlets. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home