[Example Sentences]:
1. Another body was pulled from a submerged pickup truck Friday evening near Louisiana Highway 10.
2. I ask them to give me tanks but they give me pickup trucks.
3. That first cell phone that was the size of pickup truck.
4. The fire actually involved the pickup truck and not the van, he said by phone.
5. Musk announced the company will add a compact SUV and pickup truck to its product lines.
6. One of the vehicles was a pickup truck loaded with produce that was parked inside the market.
7. German growth data showed a sharp pickup, and European stocks were trading higher.
8. The thieves put the replica in a pickup late one night and drove away.
9. He proceeded to drive the pickup truck across the north ramp until two police cruisers cut him off.
10. That is a sizable pickup from the 1.8 percent growth in the first quarter.
11. Nobody in Europe buys a pickup truck.
12. Feel free to insert your own pickup line.
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