[Example Sentences]:
1. The same goes for photos of your lunch every day at 12:30.
2. Her Facebook wall displayed two photos from June 27,2014.
3. He did not resemble the last known photos of him, which date to his arrest in Guatemala in 1993.
4. Kudos to Apple for making it easier to manage two important categories of photos in iOS 9.
5. You can then search by name to find photos of specific friends.
6. It was in these photos that researchers found for the first time a number of small scarps.
7. I was getting my friends to take photos of me most of the time.
8. You can use the other tabs to view public photos and make printouts.
9. It will group the photos for you automatically so you can quickly find the best ones.
10. You will also be able to see people comment on private photos as the conversation happens.
11. The photos from the night will all have the same fun look.
12. How important to her is it that the photos are soon deleted?
13. A billion people use Android devices, and many of them take and share photos every day.
14. For most people, their photos are the most important data on their computers.
15. I just would rather be looking at photos by Jim taken with a better camera. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home