[Example Sentences]:
1. The best way to photograph children is to get down on their level.
2. You can only take a photograph of what the guides allow.
3. He posted a photograph on his Twitter account showing hundreds of people waiting for the supplies.
4. One photograph from the scene showed people gathered around a person lying flat on the ground.
5. A photograph of the man said to be planning the attack had been supplied but not his name.
6. Here are a few common situations and some tips on how to photograph them successfully.
7. His photograph greeted the American players when they walked into the team room.
8. The image on the right is a NASA photograph of the first Apollo moon landing.
9. The profile also included a photograph of a different man.
10. I asked for her phone number, and she agreed to let me photograph her and Jose the next day.
11. I was drawn to photograph these launch pads and research facilities for many reasons.
12. The other was holding up a color photograph of Angela Merkel, the German chancellor.
13. We toured the entire country to photograph his most important masterpieces.
14. After some conversation, the female avatar would send a photograph which was malicious.
15. They take a photograph and tweet it. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home